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Beta Date finish Changed
After some events and conversations with players we decided to extend our beta phase on 07/29/2024. During this period, some corrections, ideas and past suggestions will be applie...
23 July, 2024
After a survey, it was decided by vote that players who participate in our Beta mode for a minimum period of 48 hours will receive the benefit of a VIP account. The special...
15 July, 2024
Donate temporarily disabled
Seeking better gameplay and stability among players, we chose not to open the option to donate temporarily.
03 June, 2024

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1º   slythering 11 lvl
2º   Uz 11 lvl
3º   NinjaS 11 lvl
4º   IndoMie 11 lvl
5º   Staff 11 lvl
6º   TheHell 5 lvl
7º   Hospitalarios 5 lvl
8º   Stars 5 lvl
9º   666 5 lvl
10º   nois 2 lvl
1º   BARTsimpson 39 pvps
2º   black 22 pvps
3º   piusi 20 pvps
4º   BlackOut 9 pvps
5º   Lindzei 7 pvps
6º   Mahito 5 pvps
7º   SukirMan 4 pvps
8º   Pain 2 pvps
9º   Imperios 2 pvps
10º   VELKA 1 pvps
1º   BARTsimpson 1 pks
2º   black 1 pks
3º   BlackOut 1 pks
4º   nacels 1 pks
5º   piusi 0 pks
6º   Lindzei 0 pks
7º   Mahito 0 pks
8º   SukirMan 0 pks
9º   Pain 0 pks
10º   Imperios 0 pks
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